Wonder Wall

Raed Raed Aug 6, 2020

save the environment!

please watch these videos and help save the environment!

WonderWorld WonderWorld Jul 15, 2020


From this camp I learned more than I thought, I just joined and searched around for a couple 10 minutes and I haven't opened my account since then. I decided it was time to start cracking open some history mysteries! I wasn't too enthusiastic but I got so engrossed that I didn't realise it was time for dinner an hour later. I can also say that I learned lots and if you want verification you can ask my parents who I told everything I learned from this! Thank You CAMP WONDEROPOLIS!

vicka213 vicka213 Jun 22, 2020


I love the wonder zoo because it is full of different cool facts about animals.

GabrielSanders GabrielSanders Jun 17, 2020


Hi! In my free time, I like to code websites and games. I have a video below that shows you the basics of website creating, using a markup-language call HTML (Hyper Text Markup-Language). If you can find an HTML processor online, try copying the code in the picture into it. It is a short website I created to show you! Sorry if I'm a little bit quiet, because it's one of my first YouTube videos.

BenjaminSanders BenjaminSanders Jun 11, 2020


I learned that bees are very good for us.

bluecats379 bluecats379 Jun 3, 2020


Since my teacher told me to sign up in this website, it's being really fun. I know I just started but, I feel like doing this all day............. If this didn't exist, I would probably have nothing to do in the summer and get bored.. I LOVE CAMP WONDEROPOLIS

MadisonIsCool MadisonIsCool May 1, 2020

10 Weirdest roller coasters EVER!

Check out these cool/funny unique roller coasters. : 0

sdfghj sdfghj Feb 27, 2020


i was joking and decided sign up with random information after my teacher recommended the site but got into the program and its really cool! now I will go sign up with real information! :-)

Yashfeen Yashfeen Aug 20, 2019

Me with A Lion

TheM0annaAdams TheM0annaAdams May 24, 2019


I would like to say welcome to anyone new this summer and congratulations to everyone for making it throughout another school year.

MrsPalmer MrsPalmer Apr 9, 2019

How fast is a fly flying inside a moving vehicle?

My class is wondering how fast a fly is flying if it is inside of a vehicle moving 60mph.

ZiTreasure1 ZiTreasure1 Nov 29, 2018

What are the different parts of a flower?

There is a male and female part of the flower. The female part is called the pistil and consists of the stigma, style and ovary. The male part is called the stamen and consists of the anther and filament. The stigma is the centre stalk of the flower. The style is the stem of the stigma. The ovary is contains all the seeds which develop into the flowers. The anther produces the pollen. The stamen is a long tube which is a filament. These parts of the flower don’t belong to the male or female part. The petals are the beautiful parts of the flower which bloom and is like the skin of the flower. The sepals are the little leafs coming from the top of the stem. The receptacle is the bulky part of the stem. The peduncle is also the top section of the stem.

JustDancer2014 JustDancer2014 Jul 16, 2018


foolsgold is intesinge becuse i never knew it was calld piryte and than it was dangerrous

JackJack JackJack Jun 25, 2018


everyone, I love how we're doing space. here are some pictures

Jeremiahlove1758 Jeremiahlove1758 Jun 23, 2018

the fish that loves to eat

Jeremiahlove1758 Jeremiahlove1758 Jun 23, 2018

my fish loves food

Ella the fish loves to eat

ldegitz ldegitz Apr 10, 2018


I didn't know caves could be so amazing! Caves and geology are more exciting than I ever thought!

CadenceRedlon CadenceRedlon Jan 25, 2018

when you just got on your camp

this is so fun

Khrish Khrish Jan 10, 2018


Visible from Earth with the naked eye, the International Space Station (ISS) is habitable satellite that serves as a microgravity laboratory in space. At costs approaching $150 billion, the ISS is arguably the most expensive thing ever built. It's also the largest structure ever built in space by humans.

TaliyahN TaliyahN Oct 25, 2017

Fools Gold

Did you know that Fools gold is not really Gold its a Iron called Pyrite but it stinks like Rotten Eggs phewwwww

KaiMitchell KaiMitchell Oct 25, 2017

The Laboratory(Chemistry) has no chemical reactions

The other tracks only have 5 articles to read, and I already read all of the Chemistry and Space ones.

Kawaiibumblebee Kawaiibumblebee Aug 24, 2017

how are piano's made?

have you ever wondered how are piano's made? read the wonder to find out!

abbieo12 abbieo12 Jul 28, 2017

My Puppy

This is my 8 month old puppy, Rosie. She is a border collie/terrier mix.

77889911 77889911 May 9, 2017

what happens to poler bears dering summer?

what happens to poller bears dering summer?

Wholesome Wholesome Apr 2, 2017

My past cats

Katie16 Katie16 Aug 12, 2016


Turtle900 Turtle900 Jun 30, 2016

what happens to perennials during the winter?

nadezhda nadezhda Jun 20, 2016

The Highest Jumpers

I was surprised to learn about bharats that can jump from cliff to cliff!

CambriC CambriC Jun 10, 2016

My family

I go to the zoo with my family but not much. The zoo is AMAZING.There are

hBrose123 hBrose123 Jun 6, 2016


did you know cheetahs really are not the fastest animals?

unicorn78 unicorn78 May 5, 2016

New person

Hi i'm new here hope you like me

sudharshan sudharshan Apr 28, 2016

my trip

nice trip was nice i learnt many things

KDog04 KDog04 Jun 5, 2015


Hello I have a american short haired cat. Her Birthday is June 7th 2011. She is very friendly! I love Cats!!

futureinventor1 futureinventor1 Jun 5, 2015

Flying all over

How can things fly over land like planes or helicopters do? What propels them upward?

kaesicampbell kaesicampbell Jun 5, 2015

Sickness germs

Sickness is not cool neither are germs don't touch your face because if you do the oil on your hands will be put onto your face causing you to get germs after getting germs most likely you will get sick you could also get sick thank you for reading my opinion have a nice day!

NinjaPony NinjaPony Jun 4, 2015

Jumping beans

Why are jumping beans jumpy? What makes them jump?

Rose123 Rose123 Jun 4, 2015


bark! bark! My names Madelyn. I have a dog . His name is Maverick. He is really playful .He is lab mix . His fur is black. I LOVE MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KDog04 KDog04 Jun 4, 2015

Ladybug facts!!

I learned that Ladybugs are really beetles not bugs! The "LADY BEETLES" scientific name is "Coccinellidae," which means "Little Sphere." My "LADY BEETLES" that I ordered from "Insect Lore" are just babies. I read that when the are fully grown you can soak raisins for 5 minutes,blot the raisins off with a paper towel,then cut the raisins in half and you can give the raisins to the "LADY BEETLES." I LOVE LADY BEETLES!!

Daniellen5500 Daniellen5500 Jun 4, 2015

I'm new here

Hello! My name is Danielle. I just came here so I thought that I should introduce myself. my favorite color is purple. My favorite food is pizza. So GOOD! My favorite fruit is strawberries. My best friend is a girl named Priscilla. She likes blue A LOT! Your friend, Danielle

2019875 2019875 Jun 3, 2015

smartest animal

i love chimps

luvurlife luvurlife Jun 2, 2015

What's up

hello fellow learners

Daniellen5500 Daniellen5500 May 30, 2015

Coming to Camp Wondorpolis

I really enjoyed coming to Camp Wondorpolis! It was really fun doing the quizzes and trying to earn the cards. -Danielle

alexandragazzoli alexandragazzoli May 29, 2015

animals are awesome

i now love animals now because they taught me how you treat them,and i can see them more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soccerstar10 Soccerstar10 May 29, 2015

How was the game soccer made

Fenix Fenix May 25, 2015

Thank you

Wonderopolis is so cool!

Shelly Shelly May 22, 2015


Hi my name is Shelly Autumn Berro and I am making one of these things right now as I type to this thing right now so I hope you like it and I think that this camp is really cool to be at right now. See you real soon.

Bellybutton Bellybutton May 7, 2015


Ive tried and tried. I just can not get it! And I also scraped my back on the wall trying to do it!

Bellybutton Bellybutton May 7, 2015

Rotating Earth

Why can't we feel the earth moving?

ReyliR10 ReyliR10 Apr 30, 2015

How Does The Big Bang Work

alexandragazzoli alexandragazzoli Apr 29, 2015

awsome camp

i learnd about japenze origami !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bethanymoore bethanymoore Apr 10, 2015


help save endangered speices!

Matthew133 Matthew133 Mar 30, 2015


how cool are caves

bbygurl123 bbygurl123 Mar 16, 2015

how do rollercoasters go so fast

I just don't get it

chris101 chris101 Mar 13, 2015

how big is california

BerryBoop BerryBoop Mar 13, 2015

Why Isn't Pluto A Planet Anymore?

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced that Pluto wouldn't be a planet anymore. The big question is: WHY? For one thing, Pluto's orbit around the Sun intersects with the orbit of Neptune. Crazy, right? Another thing is that people assumed that Pluto was all by itself in the Solar System. But that was not the case. Pluto was part of a category called asteroids. It didn't make sense to name every single asteroid in the Solar System, so they grouped them all together. Nowadays, people consider Pluto to be a dwarf planet, and is probably the most famous of them all. Promise me one thing: keep wondering about Pluto!

Germanwolf Germanwolf Mar 12, 2015

how do roller coasters work

Roller coasters can be fun

sonicspeed100 sonicspeed100 Mar 11, 2015

What animals are NOT zoo animals.

Some hostile animals are not the best zoo animals. Those animals are like hyenas, or polar bears.

Elle133 Elle133 Mar 10, 2015

Why fire trucks are red

Fire trucks are red because all the fire men wanted bright pop out colors.

Olivia133 Olivia133 Mar 10, 2015

do we have body parts we dont need?

do we have body parts we dont need? why do we have hair and toes?

Dylan133 Dylan133 Mar 10, 2015

what will you find

there is amazing things at the dig site go check it out it looks fun to me

Olivia133 Olivia133 Mar 9, 2015

my woods

in the woods that is in my back yard i have a lake that is frozen GO AND GET OUTSIDE!!! and look at batty for bats

Miranda133 Miranda133 Mar 9, 2015

batty for bats

did you know that every day 1,000 and 1,000 of bats are being killed for food for restraunts or just because there diffrent from other animals

aqua12 aqua12 Mar 9, 2015

Why do flowers have pollen?

hayhay120 hayhay120 Mar 7, 2015


animals can do amazing things! I wish I was an animal. But I am. did you know we are mammals? mammals are a type of animal! cool! this is my doggy! I love her. her name is sugar, because she is so sweet.

Fabiha Fabiha Mar 7, 2015


How does the Earth "float" in space?

joeahumada joeahumada Mar 6, 2015

Passed them all

yes finally after all that studying i completed it :) MUCH WINNING

hm2006 hm2006 Mar 4, 2015


OMG I love Fireworks. They are sooo pretty when they zoom into the sky.

Thunderclan Thunderclan Mar 4, 2015

How geckos stick to walls?

They have tiny microscopic hairs that stick to walls when static

hm2006 hm2006 Mar 3, 2015


Jayeshkc77 Jayeshkc77 Mar 2, 2015


How was the Earth has life, but other planets don't?

sparkle11 sparkle11 Feb 28, 2015

Dry ice bubbles!

Today in the laboratory I learned about dry ice! Do you want to know haw to make dry ice bubbles, well what you do is get a cup put dish soap on your finger and rub it on the rim off the cup. Next take an old shoelace and soak it dishwasher soap and water, while it is soaking,fill the cup with water.(not too much) finally put the dry ice in and rub the shoelace against the rim slowly until a bubble forms. Watch the dry ice fill the bubble!!

Emily123 Emily123 Feb 24, 2015


elephants are gray and are big . They have babies also.

MEBRAY01 MEBRAY01 Feb 23, 2015

how fun is this/

sharks46 sharks46 Feb 15, 2015

Bubble gum

Why does the bubble gum change colors

Payne Payne Feb 11, 2015

about dolphins and how smart they are

We can never tell witch animal is the smartest animal, but dolphins are pretty smart. by PAYNE!!!!!!!!!

LuOMalley LuOMalley Feb 8, 2015

pygmy hippo

The pygmy hippo is so cute! :-)

s130488 s130488 Feb 5, 2015

wonder dig site

this stuff is awsome

achong14 achong14 Jan 27, 2015

How Is Chewing Gum Like Rubber?

Chewing gum doesn't taste like rubber or feel like rubber because it is soft and chewy.

Cronce Cronce Jan 24, 2015

I'm Tired!

Why do your eyes water when you yawn?

rlaws rlaws Jan 21, 2015

Why are sapphires blue?

I got the idea from why are ruby's red.

rlaws rlaws Jan 21, 2015

How do shooting stars fall?

MaggieTempleton MaggieTempleton Jan 21, 2015

How do iPhones work?

Crafty190 Crafty190 Jan 17, 2015

Neostar, my bird.

These are my cute little birds. I own the yellow one.

MBYutyREX530 MBYutyREX530 Jan 15, 2015

How did dinosaurs die out?

No one is sure that it's because of a giant meteor.

penelope14 penelope14 Jan 7, 2015

what is a zoo?

a zoo is a place that is home to lots of anamuls.

Gabe918 Gabe918 Jan 5, 2015


Why is Pluto not planet any more?

flamepheonix3958 flamepheonix3958 Dec 27, 2014

are there other glaxies outside our galaxy

i was wondering if there are other galaxies or is ours the only one?

iris446 iris446 Dec 19, 2014


Hamster's are rodents they are small,cute,and fluffy. I have one here is an example of one.

marypatt marypatt Dec 11, 2014


why do wolves eat others

MaggieTempleton MaggieTempleton Dec 1, 2014

Super ball

How does a Super ball bounce?

liv123 liv123 Nov 28, 2014

i wonder

I wonder if the world will end? one day will the earth blow up?

84265 84265 Nov 18, 2014

Paper airplane

My moth air plane flew a little and then crashed. I think this happened because I did not do the folding that good.

Blaine6 Blaine6 Nov 18, 2014

why are Rubies red

I love ruby's and learning about them.

Caden Caden Nov 15, 2014

So Much Fun!

This Website Is so fun and it makes me WONDER More and more!

Dovahnkiin Dovahnkiin Nov 7, 2014


Is time real? or is it just an illusion set here from the start?

julievaughan julievaughan Nov 7, 2014


How fast do Chetahs run

julievaughan julievaughan Nov 7, 2014

why are our eyes different colers?

christinaj christinaj Nov 4, 2014


What's a wonder?

isabelle2107 isabelle2107 Nov 3, 2014

Outer space

Rachelie Rachelie Oct 27, 2014


I was just WONDERing how do electronics work? Especially live tv and just plain old television

puglover puglover Oct 19, 2014

What is the smartest animal ?

I have always thought that a dolphin would be smart but after the video I thought that a chimpanzee is a smart because of the why they use tools to help them.

puglover puglover Oct 18, 2014


I wonder why there are a lot of different types of them . I love pugs . Picture of baby pug .

NoeMiddleGirl320 NoeMiddleGirl320 Oct 18, 2014


Why does soda fizz

anniecw anniecw Oct 17, 2014


when will we have the right eaqipment to find other life on other planets in other solor systems in other galexeys ? this website is awesome!!!

owenkitchen000 owenkitchen000 Oct 16, 2014

what do some animals do when there hot

I know that hippos sweat in some type of way but what do other animals do when there hot

mbrundell mbrundell Oct 11, 2014


Which animal is the fastest in the world? Which animal is the slowest in the world?

ANSev3 ANSev3 Oct 11, 2014


Who made up smiley faces? ANYBODY? I SAID WHO MADE UP SMILEY FACES!!!!

cm2lfd cm2lfd Oct 8, 2014

Why does my mum love earthworms?

My mum has a garden and everytime she sees an earthworm she's happy and tells me they are our freinds.

R12345 R12345 Oct 6, 2014

Rainia Telegeimier

Why are her books so Awesome Babysitters club Drama Smile & now Sisters

R12345 R12345 Oct 6, 2014

Mario Piranha Plant

Can a Mario piranha plant actually be good ?

R12345 R12345 Oct 6, 2014

Walking in Space

Is it possible for someone to walk on the earth

campercole campercole Sep 30, 2014

How do Erasers work

Carlita Carlita Sep 28, 2014

what? where? when?

What was the first dinosaur fossil that was found,Where is it and When was it found?

Percy101 Percy101 Sep 27, 2014

under water Unicorn

They are called Narwhales. Some people think its a horn but its actually its a tooth

schwatta schwatta Sep 26, 2014


How are bubbles formed?

msjergens msjergens Sep 21, 2014


What a great website for my students!!

Bencamp Bencamp Sep 19, 2014

Dreadnaughtus Schrani

Has there only been one find of dreadnaughtus Schrani bones or has there been more?

trkimble trkimble Sep 19, 2014


how is the acid in your stomach made?

ashlynsh ashlynsh Sep 19, 2014

ashlyn s.

this is so fun I am having so much fun

abucy abucy Sep 17, 2014

Why are donuts called donuts if there are no nuts?

gsuksdorf gsuksdorf Sep 16, 2014


how are stars made?

GavinMaynor GavinMaynor Sep 7, 2014

Protective Masks

How do masks protect you from chemicals in a dangerous lab?

germany1year germany1year Sep 5, 2014

what's outside of the universe? does it have a boundary?

lilykmathers lilykmathers Sep 4, 2014

haveing fun

wow I an having so much fun on camp wonderopoils it is the coolest of alll

FunnyCamper101 FunnyCamper101 Aug 31, 2014

How do pens work?

iris446 iris446 Aug 29, 2014


i have a horse she is beautiful i named her butter cup here she is.

camper33 camper33 Aug 29, 2014

why are cheetahs fast

i would like to know why cheetahs are really fast ever day i also have two questions how fast do they run and why do they run fast

iris446 iris446 Aug 29, 2014


why do cheetahs run fast

Hope Hope Aug 27, 2014

One of the weirdest animal's

The Angora rabbit (Turkish: Ankara tavşanı) is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft wool. The Angora is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara (historically known as Angora), Turkey, along with the Angora cat and Angora goat. The rabbits were popular pets with French royalty in the mid-18th century, and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century. They first appeared in the United States in the early 20th century. They are bred largely for their long Angora wool, which may be removed by shearing, combing, or plucking. There are many individual breeds of Angora rabbits, four of which are recognized by American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA); they are English, French, Giant, and Satin. Other breeds include German, Chinese, Swiss, Finnish, Korean, and St. Lucian.

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 27, 2014

Bridging the Canyon

This is fun for all ages! As a camp coordinator I loved watching the children and parents create experiments but I wouldn't be doing my job if I don't try them out first! Logan, 13 yo with Dad and I competed to make the strongest bridge. I personally couldn't help eating a few gumdrops along the way but we not only had good laughs but talked about how experiments like these help us understand engineering and architecture. ---Diana Rodriguez

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 27, 2014

Homemade Slime

This one was a favorite to do with the families and at camp. The children were excited to make this for themselves! They were fascinated by the color and texture change of the cornstarch and water. ---East Side House Settlement

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 27, 2014

A Penny Cleaned is a Penny Learned

Campers used predictions to hypothesize what will clean the penny the best! Many thought it would be the soap and water but were surprised to find out it was the vinegar and salt. ---East Side House Settlement

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 27, 2014

Beans In A Bag

Our families and campers explored the plant life cycle and planted seeds during a visit to the community garden . They loved planting and exploring seed germination to find out what is going on beneath the soil with the "Beans In a Bag" experiment. --East Side House Settlement

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 27, 2014

Bridging the Canyon

At camp and with families, children explored Bridging the Canyon. Some couldn't help testing out the materials! Using toothpicks and gumdrops they tried different ways to make the strongest bridge. They tested out the strength with pencils, markers and books! ----East Side House Settlement

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 26, 2014

Get your Motor Running

Parents got their motor running at home as well. They were welcomed to take materials and share the fun of all of the experiments. Here we see a successful dad in making a motor using wire, a battery, magnet and a screw! He really got it going!

diana1587 diana1587 Aug 26, 2014

Rockets Away

Families came together to work on the Rockets Away experiment. They had a great time meeting new families and engaging in friendly competition as they raced their rockets side by side! ------East Side House Settlement

heyhey heyhey Aug 26, 2014


come help me dig and get some cool cards people

oooolala1 oooolala1 Aug 14, 2014

How does soap clen you ?

It cleans you from molecules

cpcpikest cpcpikest Aug 13, 2014

Building Bridges

Our students just learned about the strongest shape--triangles--and are using that information to collaborate and make a gumdrop bridge.

cpcpikest cpcpikest Aug 13, 2014

Building Bridges

CPC's Family Day! How can we make strong bridges out of toothpicks and gumdrops? This maker activity was a huge hit for both the students AND the parents!

madeara1985 madeara1985 Aug 11, 2014


Me and my mom are gonna sleep on the deck soon and look at the stars! Or do something else. I am a lps & mlp fan! I like minecraft!

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Aug 8, 2014


Listening to "One Bean" by Anne Rockwell and learning about how beans grow.

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Aug 8, 2014

Bean Growth Chart!

Getting ready to see how our beans grow!

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Aug 8, 2014

Bean Growth Chart!

Getting ready to see how our beans grow!

evian evian Aug 4, 2014

w.c.(wonder cards)4

48% and 20 wonder cards whoho

pretzel1230 pretzel1230 Aug 4, 2014

MY GEMSTONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was born in July, and the Ruby is my gemstone but after I read this article, I wonder if the other gemstones that have color do the same thing too?

cromo cromo Jul 30, 2014

Ideas for classroom teachers

This has been fun, learning about this tool...

bubblez16 bubblez16 Jul 30, 2014

wonder cards

i've already completed my set of wonder zoo and wonder amusement park!!

Cronce Cronce Jul 27, 2014

I'm new to this site!

Hello! I'm excited to join this group and see what Wonderopolis is all about!

lweinard lweinard Jul 24, 2014

My Handstand!!!!

I can do a handstand too!!!

lweinard lweinard Jul 24, 2014


The dry ice video was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

KristaLibrarian KristaLibrarian Jul 24, 2014

Live Science Fun at Kenton Co. Public Library

Thanks to our friends at Science Matters we enjoyed the hilarious science antics of Dr. R and his kooky chemistry magic tricks. In the video, the kids are enjoying the magic smoke rings that you can make at home with your own garbage can and fog machine!

KristaLibrarian KristaLibrarian Jul 24, 2014

Voyage through the Solar System with the Cincinnati Observatory at Kenton Co. Public Library

Campers went on an intergalactic journey without leaving home! We learned all about the hottest and coldest planets, what the Rings of Saturn are made of, and what data is being sent back by the longest traveling satellite sent into outer space!

jaw2005 jaw2005 Jul 24, 2014


check out the dry ice video in the lab

lweinard lweinard Jul 24, 2014

Have you done this?

Have any of you finished a column in your Dashboard?

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 23, 2014


The WONDERful wonderopolis has changed my studies from low to high. I have learned so much from the videos to the paragraphs. I work really hard to get these WONDER cards done. I will recommend my friends to WONDERopolis so they can increase there study. I hope you work hard on wonderopolis so you can increase your study. Ding ding ding! Time to learn about me! My name is madeara I am 11 and I live in The U.S.A MN. I am going into 6th grade. Right now I am on vacation. I went to many different places this summer like California, Oregon, upper MN, and last year I went to: Colorado, and Florida! The End!

KristaLibrarian KristaLibrarian Jul 22, 2014

Fun with Chemistry at Kenton Co. Public Library with Science Mattes!

Thanks to our friends at Science Matters we enjoyed the hilarious science antics of Dr. R and his kooky chemistry magic tricks, from the dancing genie in a bottle to the popping cloud can in the photo - we even got to make our own slime and ooblek!

Rishi181106 Rishi181106 Jul 21, 2014

Roaler coaster that goes fastest in the world!!

I was thinking a roaler coaster that would be fastest in that world It's name would be Fastestspirit and it would be red and black in color and it's rail would be green in colour!

Rishi181106 Rishi181106 Jul 21, 2014

Dinosaurs are dinosaurs

Many centuries ago there were dinosaurs and who lived earlier them? There are many questions asked in our life so can you tell who lived earlier the dinosaurs?And i was wondering who lived on earth in the first centurie of earth very clearly no one lived!And now technology is being upgraded!

amarveer amarveer Jul 19, 2014

new experiencess

coming to wonderpolis has many new experiences

Neverstop Neverstop Jul 19, 2014


this is a GREAT CAMP

gardner gardner Jul 18, 2014

More About Me

Hi. It's Zoe. I am 6 years old. I am doing zoology. I like learning about animals. Learning about camouflage was fun.

gardner gardner Jul 18, 2014

2 Wonder Cards!

This is Zoe. I got 2 Wonder cards for Zoology. One was for why zebras have stripes and one was for hippos.

ezra321 ezra321 Jul 17, 2014

New camper in Wonderopolis

Hi, my name is Ezra, and I am a new camper here in wonderopolis! My favorite subject here by now is chemistry, and I already have 4 or 5 Wonder Cards!

ezra321 ezra321 Jul 16, 2014

Loss of FLAVOR

I never knew the taste of gum gets digested by saliva! That seems so cool!

nandinip nandinip Jul 15, 2014

Is Dry Ice Really Dry Ice

the video is really cool check it out

cutiepie17 cutiepie17 Jul 15, 2014

about me

hey guys im cutie pie 17 and im funny, friendly, cool, and in love with sports, and i love music i also like to make friends so hit me up if you want me to be your friend!!!! :)

evian evian Jul 14, 2014

World Cup winner

Germany won the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kbvigneshkumar kbvigneshkumar Jul 13, 2014


hi guys.be friendly to all

snapper snapper Jul 13, 2014

wild , wild ...ROLLERCOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No info till text but fun,Fun,FUN!

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 12, 2014

Lovely news {There will be updates every day!}

7/12/2014 Latest news I have worked on physics for the past couple hours till I thought to myself: hmmm I should finish phyics so I did! I Finished all of the wonder cards! Isn't that exciting! ta da! Youtube channel update check it out!

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 12, 2014


What I would Recommend is to do TWO {2} Wonder cards a day. It would increase your vocabulary by a lot and you can get two wonder cards done. I would Recommend this to people who like Wonderopolis... wait no I am wrong... everyone likes wonderopolis! And there are to teachers in the room ME and WONDEROPOLIS!

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 12, 2014

New Update! 7:43 AM 7/12/2014

Old update: Got done with all wonder astronomy cards. New Update: Working on (physics) wonder amusement park. So basically campers (and I think you should do the same thing) you start from astronomy all the down until you get to the last one of all your wonder cards. So good luck and KEEP CALM AND WONDER! Hope you like the picture

evian evian Jul 11, 2014

WONDERopolis card %

43 prercent

evian evian Jul 11, 2014


Regular ice melting time 1/3 of a minute or 20 sec. Dry ice melting time LOOOONNNGGGEEERRRR!!!!

evian evian Jul 11, 2014

w.c.(wonder cards)3

Hi! I have 15 wonder cards

evian evian Jul 11, 2014


hey i am back

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 10, 2014

Guess what?

I completed Astronomy!

piglover66510 piglover66510 Jul 10, 2014


i learned that someanimals can jump veryhigh

alina26sarah307 alina26sarah307 Jul 9, 2014


space is a big space outside of world

bumblebee bumblebee Jul 9, 2014

first set of cards done!!!

bumblebee bumblebee Jul 9, 2014


I'm new I want to be friends

gardner gardner Jul 9, 2014

New Camper

Hi everybody, I'm Zoe. Here is something about me: I like marshmallows. I like every color. I like meeting new friends. My best friend is named Keila. I sing really well. I'm a really good friend to everybody. I have brown hair.

bubblez16 bubblez16 Jul 8, 2014

wonder zoo is awesome!!

i already got all the wonder cards for wonder zoo!!

bubblez16 bubblez16 Jul 8, 2014

why do zebras have stripes?

Zebras have stripes to make them look cool and to hide from their predators: lions. no two zebras have the same stripes like no two people have similar fingerprints

bubblez16 bubblez16 Jul 8, 2014

which is the largest zoo?

The word “zoo” was first used to describe the London Zoological Gardens in 1847. Up until that time, zoos were usually called menageries. Since zoos were often set up for the scientific study of animals, it was only natural that the word “zoo” would eventually come to refer to these places dedicated to zoology, which is the study of animals.

Tim Tim Jul 8, 2014

I got my first card

YAY today i got my first card wonder card on how a boomerang works and how to use it

madeara1985 madeara1985 Jul 7, 2014

Shooting star

I saw a shooting star!

Mylittlenana Mylittlenana Jul 7, 2014


Just some dinosaur stuff

Quynne Quynne Jul 6, 2014

Hippos ROCK

I did not know that hippos sweat an reddish oily substance!

cftempest cftempest Jul 6, 2014


I Like all the fun:)

evian evian Jul 4, 2014

w.c.(wonder cards)2

hey-hey everyone I've earned my 11th card

anusha2001 anusha2001 Jul 3, 2014


Hey guys! I am new to wonderopolis and I am loving it!!!!!!! I loved learning about dry ice in the wonder laboratory!!!!!!

19asinha 19asinha Jul 3, 2014

gold or ruby

what is more valuble gold or rubys

epmahimaa epmahimaa Jul 3, 2014


maid of the mist

jacquesimm jacquesimm Jul 3, 2014



Han347 Han347 Jul 3, 2014

Wondering, Wondering, Wondering

I wonder why Wonderopolis doesn't have a Technology area. They totally should!

Han347 Han347 Jul 3, 2014

Do plants have actual nervous systems?

Polish scientists reported that plants can remember things. Also, plants can sense time and can feel the most basic things, like hot, cold, wet, things like that! It makes sense to think they have nervous systems in their forms.

Han347 Han347 Jul 3, 2014

I wonder if there's a natural bleach?

I read about bleach, and it says bleach is usually artificially made with chemicals. Is there any chance there is a natural bleach that still works efficiently?

Mrssloan Mrssloan Jul 2, 2014



MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Jul 2, 2014

Ready to grow some beans!

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Jul 2, 2014

Bean Growth Chart

Making sure that our bean growth charts are ready to go!

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Jul 2, 2014

Water Station

MissJordanBCPL MissJordanBCPL Jul 2, 2014

Water Station

Getting lots of water so that our beans will grow big and tall!

blastoff blastoff Jul 2, 2014

Hi I`m new and was wondering what I should know.Heres a bit about myself

color: purple food: M&Ms meal:ribs hobby: art sport: base/soft ball day activity: swimming/reading subject: writing

ramganesh ramganesh Jul 2, 2014


i like science facts

aprilthejoy aprilthejoy Jul 2, 2014


i just got my first wonder card

15lanman 15lanman Jul 2, 2014

100% Done

Wow 100% done feels great knowing I learned so much everything from pollinization to fossils to roller coasters, thanks wonderopolis for this awesome experience

Stampylongnose Stampylongnose Jul 2, 2014

Camp Wonderopolis Wonder Cards

Done w/ Amusement Prk

Liamdziki Liamdziki Jul 2, 2014

Polar Bears

Polar bears are endangered species. I want to help them.

jacquesimm jacquesimm Jul 2, 2014

I'm Lovin' It

i love this camp. I'm learning so many new things.

Lexi1546 Lexi1546 Jul 2, 2014


Sometimes I wonder how things get their names. Mostly I think about how dinosurs get there names.Also how soap , gum , dolphin and planet get there names.

Paige Paige Jul 2, 2014


Woodpeckers have a spongey skull like a shok asorber and a brain that's not floating around in liquid so they don't get concussions. They also have a third eyelid so their eyes don't pop out.

AdventureGirl AdventureGirl Jul 1, 2014

Mission Accomplished

I just obtained all Zoology Wonder Cards!

Stampylongnose Stampylongnose Jul 1, 2014

Thank you

Thank You Wonderopolis, You changed my summer.

Stampylongnose Stampylongnose Jul 1, 2014

New Camper Cat

I'm new , too.

Stampylongnose Stampylongnose Jul 1, 2014

Wonder Cards

How many wonder cards do you have?

kvohra kvohra Jun 30, 2014


I did it

Jon0726 Jon0726 Jun 30, 2014

Endangered Animals

I Learn That Some Animals Were In Endangered

Panda3 Panda3 Jun 30, 2014

New Camper

Hey everyone I'm new and I'd like to make some new friends!

Panda3 Panda3 Jun 30, 2014


My favorite color mint green.

evian evian Jun 30, 2014

w.c.(wonder cards)

my astronomy set of cards is done!!!

evian evian Jun 30, 2014

oil+water=no mix

Oil and water does not mix. I wonder how to alter the chemicals?

evian evian Jun 29, 2014


world's fastest rollercoster| |

evian evian Jun 29, 2014


I like space

rileychang rileychang Jun 29, 2014


I love bones

rileychang rileychang Jun 29, 2014

shampoo I love science

rileychang rileychang Jun 29, 2014


rileychang rileychang Jun 29, 2014


aryan aryan Jun 28, 2014

Glow in the dark toys :

Glow in the dark toys are toys which can glow in any dark place. My friend told me that if you charge the toy in front of a light, it will get charged. You can take it to a dark place and it will glow. That's cool!

CierraSabrinaFanLoren CierraSabrinaFanLoren Jun 27, 2014


hey does anybody here go to jamerson st pete gifted? 3rd g

alexacollins alexacollins Jun 27, 2014


i love the zoo

aryan aryan Jun 27, 2014

Can we make a chewing gum that doesn't loose it's flavor?

Chewing gums are mainly used for chewing and giving exercise to our gums. The chewing gums loose their flavor whenever I chew for a while. This happens with me because of the saliva in my mouth. The saliva sucks all the flavors and makes the chewing gum not tasty. Wonderopolis told me about chewing gums. Thank You Wonderopolis!

aryan aryan Jun 27, 2014

Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo...

In Wonder Amusement Park I did 1 exercise named "How Far A Paper Plane Can Fly?". I thought only 6-10 feet, but I could not imagine a paper plane could fly more than that that's superb!

aryan aryan Jun 27, 2014

Is the dolphin, the smartest animal? or the crow? and what about apes?

I liked Wonder Zoo because it had 1 exercise called "Which Is The Smartest Animal". My smartest animal was the crow because I was amazed by what it does. The crow throws it's nuts on the road to the cars pass by and crack the nuts. when the traffic light turns red the crow swoops in between and eats the nut

cwarlick cwarlick Jun 27, 2014


I wonder...

gummiepuss7 gummiepuss7 Jun 27, 2014

I love rides!!

My favorite ride is the Phantom Revenge at Kennywood Park

FRA FRA Jun 27, 2014

The World's Largest Zoo

I learned a lot of really cool and new information about the zoos of the world. I didn't know that they used to be called menageries, or that the study of animals is called zoology. It would be nice to visit one of the zoos I read about today. Thanks for sharing some great information!

aryan aryan Jun 26, 2014

hello I am Aryan from New Delhi

I liked Wonder Amusement Park because it is 1st exercise I did before earning all 42 cards. The 1st card I earned was 'How Do We Throw A Boomerang?'. It tells us that a boomerang comes to us when we throw it in some direction. That sounds amazing!

mommyc mommyc Jun 25, 2014


I just learned that perennial plants grow more than one year.

64000557 64000557 Jun 25, 2014


Why do lions have manes?

camper1 camper1 Jun 25, 2014

Lesson 7 "Why Is There No Gravity In Space?"

Check out lesson 7. Its really informative about gravity in space.

ezequiel1980 ezequiel1980 Jun 24, 2014


just got my last wonder card

MarieMCPL MarieMCPL Jun 24, 2014

Backyard critters and their homes

What animals share your backyard and what can you do to protect them?

paytonb7978 paytonb7978 Jun 24, 2014

Where is the fastest rollercoaster

It is so funny you should see the kids face.

PeaceGirl123234 PeaceGirl123234 Jun 22, 2014

whats the biggest thing you can see?

lots of things are big but the universe is the biggest.

alecia alecia Jun 22, 2014

fossils to love

you could make a fossi,l but you wont be alive to see it ,but another will.

allstar62 allstar62 Jun 21, 2014


It was so COOL how he did that .THANKS

maddiewillow maddiewillow Jun 21, 2014


I was outside last night catching fireflies. When I dropped one, I saw it blink for help. So I picked it up and put it on a stone. I checked on it often. When it left I said, '' Well, since it left, it means it's wings are better.

Shelia Shelia Jun 20, 2014

At the Hardin Planetarium

The kids from Allen County Public Library had a great time at the Hardin Planetarium.

susan1951 susan1951 Jun 20, 2014


Eggs membranes will allow fluids to pass through into the egg. Thicker liquids will not pass through as easily.

allstar138 allstar138 Jun 20, 2014

why do we have computers

why do computers know more facts than people

allstar138 allstar138 Jun 20, 2014


why do tigers have stripes

Eli7756 Eli7756 Jun 20, 2014

Lesson 24

Lesson 24 in Wonder Woods is awesome!

Heidi Heidi Jun 20, 2014


amusement park tells u how to do a handstand! cool right?

maddiewillow maddiewillow Jun 20, 2014


I wonder how do poisin dart frogs make poisin?

Thepinkpopstar Thepinkpopstar Jun 19, 2014


the wonder amusement park is awesome

Jujubee Jujubee Jun 19, 2014

Penny activity

In the Wonder Laboratory, there is an activity with cleaning pennies. I think I got different results. The pennies in my vinegar and salt did not turn blue green.

MachoKing21 MachoKing21 Jun 19, 2014

Dry Ice

Will dry ice soon become helpful energy sources, or will it be used in a way that we would not have resources in the future?

rishaan1192 rishaan1192 Jun 19, 2014


I wonder how plastic is made

duncan1168 duncan1168 Jun 18, 2014

Nuclear bombs

How do they split an atom to make a EXPLOSION?!

Taylor03 Taylor03 Jun 18, 2014


In wonder amusement park it shows you what is in a firework

brandontietz brandontietz Jun 18, 2014


I liked learning about telescopes i think it was really fun.

nathan2006 nathan2006 Jun 18, 2014

Roller Coaster

I wonder...how does a roller coaster move?

gianna gianna Jun 18, 2014

Science Fiesta!


monkadia monkadia Jun 18, 2014

dry ice

dry ice is interesting. i like how it is really frozen carbon dioxide

Rachel04 Rachel04 Jun 18, 2014

little creatures

If you pick up a rock you mite find something waiting to scare you.... I know I was. And when you do don't make a sudden move.

Sunny1234 Sunny1234 Jun 18, 2014


I know Pluto is a dwarf planet but how many light years is it away from the Sun and th Earth?

Sbooker Sbooker Jun 17, 2014

Tech Camp

Learning new resources!

Superpotatogirl Superpotatogirl Jun 17, 2014

wonder zoo

The wonder zoo is really neat I like it!

thesun678 thesun678 Jun 17, 2014

science party!

I had an awesome time at my science party! We made our own bouncy balls,oobleck,fake snow,this substance that makes water dry,and mentos and diet coke. Science rocks! A ton of WONDERing going on at that party!

WonderSara WonderSara Jun 17, 2014

WONDERing about waterfalls!

We recently visited Yahoo Falls in Kentucky. It was beautiful! The water had cut into the rock, making a sort of natural amphitheater. It got me WONDERing, what's the tallest waterfall in the world?