We're excited to have many partners throughout the nation joining us for Camp Wonderopolis 2014! Here are just a few partners sharing their camp experiences with us.

Boone County Public Library (KY)

Here, campers get a hands-on look at surface area and buoyancy as they see how many Legos their boat will hold. Campers were so excited to see whose boat would sink and whose would float! There's no short supply of Wonder at BCPL!

Chinese American Planning Council - Pike Street SADCC (NY)

This site is in New York, NY, and is a part of NCFL's collaboration with the Department of Youth and Community Development.

East Side House–South Bronx (NY)

Campers at this New York Camp Wonderopolis site have been learning about different life cycles lately, such as the life cycle of a frog shown here.

Houston Public Library – Oak Forest Neighborhood

The Saleem and Aguilar families have fun at the Houston Public Library Oak Forest Neighborhood Library exploring Camp Wonderopolis’ Wonder Observatory as part of the John P. McGovern Foundation Summer Reading Program! Families tested a balloon rocket, learned what the hottest planet is (surprise-it’s not Mercury!) and tested their reading comprehension to earn their Wonder Card.

Kenton County Public Library (KY)

Families at this Camp Wonderopolis site recently explored chemistry with Dr. R from Science Matters. Dr. R demonstrated a popping cloud can among his other science antics, and families made their own slime and ooblek as well!

Kenton County Public Library (KY)