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The Wonder Wall is a virtual bulletin board for Camp. Campers can post their photos, videos, and thoughts about their Camp activities, and visitors can stop by to check out what’s going on around the Campgrounds.

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Welcome Campers!

We’re excited you’ve come to join us in Camp Wonderopolis™, NCFL’s free online summer journey! Check out Camp Wonderopolis results of this past summer! Chart your own path through the Wonders of science and see how many Wonder Cards® you can collect. Use your Camp dashboard to track your progress and decide where to Wonder next. Get hands-on with cool experiments and put science to the test! Share your experiences and see what others are doing on the Wonder Wall. Have fun exploring all the areas in the campground:

Wonder Observatory

Turn your attention to outer space and explore Wonders about Astronomy. 10…9…8…7…6…

Wonder Laboratory

Mix things up as you check out some Wonders about Chemistry. These interactions might transform you!

Wonder Zoo

Go wild as you roam through these Wonders about Zoology. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Wonder Woods

Discover all kinds of Wonders about Biology in the woods. Now this is LIVING!

Wonder Dig Site

Unearth these rock-solid Wonders about Geology. We sure don’t take them for granite.

Wonder Amusement Park

Make sure your seatbelt’s secured—you’re sure to feel the rush from these Wonders about Physics!

Wonder Wall

Check out what others are doing in Camp, and share you own experiences on the Wonder Wall. Post photos, videos, and your stories about Camp on our virtual bulletin board.

Plus, don’t forget to try the hands-on Maker Activities and recommended books in each area. Share your experiments for a chance to win prizes in our Camp Contests (coming soon).


We're excited to have many partners throughout the nation joining us for Camp Wonderopolis 2014!

See our partners sharing their camp experiences with us.